I am starting a blog today, because I just spent thousands of dollars with a nationally recognized Search Engine Optimization company, which took my firm’s name from the sixth page to fourth page on Google searches. So, that if one were now to do the Google search: “workers compensation attorney in Media Pennsylvania” my firm name would come up on the fourth page instead of the sixth page among listed workers’ compensation attorneys in Media, Pennsylvania. Interestingly, on the first page of that search names appear that are not Delaware County attorneys and that are not even workers’ compensation attorneys. As anyone knows that uses Google to search for services, if a company is on the fourth page of a search, it may as well be on the 80th page. Generally no one will look past the first page. Perhaps one will go to the second page given certain circumstances, but no one will go to the fourth page. When I complained to the company that their very expensive services were not getting me any results, they put the blame on me and told me I needed to get my download speed up and write a blog. Not knowing how to increase my download speed, I fired the company and decided to write this blog. I have no idea if this will have any effect on the rank of my listing on Google, but it doesn’t cost me anything other than my time.

Initially, what I plan to write about are my opinions on what has happened with the workers compensation system over time. It has changed and not for the better for injured workers. For this blog, I will use my personal experience as an attorney for thirty years. Nothing I write in this blog should be considered as legal advise. Every case is different, factually and legally unique and complex. There is no reason one should be guessing about their own workers’ compensation issues in any event. Obtaining a workers’ compensation attorney is free. Everyone with a workers’ compensation case should have an attorney from the outset. Workers compensation has become very complicated over the years. It can be a virtual minefield and the insurance carrier or your employer will seldom have your best interests at heart. Obtaining a workers’ compensation attorney is free, but of course if that attorney needs to file petitions and attend hearings and depositions to protect your workers compensation benefits a 20% contingent fee is standard. However, for the worker’s protection that fee can only be paid if approved by a workers’ compensation judge. If you still feel uncertain about obtaining an attorney, don’t fret; most attorneys will still answer your questions without the necessity of signing an agreement. I certainly will. Just send your questions to and I will answer them, or call or send me your telephone number and we can discuss any workers’ compensation or social security issues you have over the phone.

I didn’t mean for this first blog to become an advertisement for my services but as I was writing my disclaimer, it just struck me that no one should be out there trying to navigate their way through the workers’ compensation or social security systems without guidance, and there should be no need to rely on a blog for information when there are attorneys out there willing to help you for free. I am not saying that workers’ compensation attorneys are all altruistic humanitarians. They are not. They have to make a living too, but most of them are willing to help even if ultimately they do not get paid.

This was my introductory blog, in my next blog I intend to give my opinions on what has happened to the workers’ compensation system and why it has become substantially worse for the injured worker.